Fat Skimming Ladle
Fat Skimming Ladle
Fat Skimming Ladle
Fat Skimming Ladle

Fat Skimming Ladle

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The Fat Skimming Ladle makes removing fat from the surface of stocks and broths quick and easy. After dipping the ladle, just lift up and tilt back. Because fat floats, tilting the ladle pours soup back into the pot through the rear spout, leaving just the fat. Simply dispose of the fat and repeat if necessary… and you can always continue to use the Fat Skimming Ladle as a regular ladle.

  • Tapered lip edge makes skimming more efficient
  • Designed & Patented in USA
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • End Hook for easy hanging
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Tip me over...

and pour me out!

The ladle works like a teapot - tilt it back, and the broth comes pouring back out!

The Fat Skimming Ladle

Tapered Lip

Simply dip the ladle into your soup to skim and collect fat.

Rear Spout

Tipping the Fat Skimming Ladle dispenses the good broth, while unwanted impurities are retained within the ladle.

How does it work?

Use it like a Ladle

Broth sinks to the bottom, while fat, oils and undesirables float to the top

Then Tilt Back

Simply tilt back, and the broth comes out like a teapot- the broth is returned to the soup, and the fat is retained in the ladle!


To a healthier lifestyle

The Fat Skimming Ladle also works as a regular ladle. Perfect for your home cook.


Modern & Innovative

With laser-etched stainless steel and a 1-year warranty, this beautiful device shows off a modern aesthetic.

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One year Warranty

Manufacturer's Warranty on the Fat Skimming Ladle