Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you’re gathering the minced bits into triangles! This minimizes waste and makes clean up as easy as a quick rinse.
  • For quick removal of the garlic peel, use the bottom of the Garlic Twister to pound loose the garlic skin. See our demo video for a quick view.
  • If you are having hard time twisting, try the same tip as above: Pound the garlic clove with the Garlic Twister. This should loosen the clove to make it easier to twist. Also, work your way down - start with just 2-3 cloves until you get used to using the gadget.
  • Try mincing both garlic and ginger together inside the GT for authentic Asian flavors.
  • For ginger, pre-peel the skin and slice across the grain into smaller pieces before twisting.
  • Throw some nuts in, and you have quick toppings for ice cream or salad. Or try olives for tapenade.
  • Let us know what else you’ve tried, and again, please contact us if you have any questions, we use this tool on a daily basis and hope you would be satisfied by it too.