Green Garlic Twister
garlic twister


The kitchen tool that defines "handheld kitchen mincers."

With the Garlic Twister, you no longer need multiple tools to handle one ingredient. No more messy garlic presses, squashing garlic with rockers, or rolling garlic to peel the skin. And just a quick rinse clean.


Using the Garlic Twister

Welcome to NexTrend Products, a California-based kitchenware company. We are excited to bring the Award-winning Garlic Twister, Fat Skimming Ladle and other modern, innovative products to your kitchen!

No more single purpose tools


One tool, for all ingredients. Usable for garlic, ginger, herbs, nuts, and more.

Let's see your garlic press do that.

Photo of Clear, Green, and Purple Garlic Twister


OMG! I used the Garlic Twist tonight and I must say it’s the best Garlic Tool in the world! I love to cook with garlic yet I’m reluctant to due to the hassle of peeling and grinding it all.

Well, watch out Spaghetti! Look out Lasagna! My worst fear has been conquered. The Garlic is BACK!

E. Seleithia Woods,
Inglewood, CA

I needed 4 garlic cloves and a whole sprig of chopped fresh rosemary for a lemon chicken recipe. While I was twisting the garlic I decided to see what would happen if I just put the rosemary leaves in with the garlic and not chop them by hand. OH MY goodness. The rosemary chopped beautifully!! I may never have to chop fresh rosemary, thyme, sage again.


I am the woman who bought 70 twists for my employees, brokers and some friends back in Oct. All 70 went out for Xmas with a fresh head of garlic, your instructions and their bonus checks. They were a smash hit and everyone (with any taste for garlic) is digging them! Happy New Year!

Kathy Mooney

NexTrend has won exclusive awards and garnered stellar product reviews in the U.S. and worldwide.

4.7 Stars and over 5000 reviews on Amazon

With an >80% 5-star rating, as of March 2024

Best Garlic Press of 2023

Food Network Kitchen

Invent Now America Finalist

Sponsored by US Patent and Trademark Office and Popular Mechanics Magazine

Design Award Finalist

International Housewares Show, Largest housewares trade show in North America

Gift of the Year Award Runner-Up

Spring Fair, United Kingdom

Highly-Recommended with 90% Rating

Cooking Club of America

Ten Best Gadgets

Newsweek International

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Garlic Twister

A Modern Twist

Beautiful, Innovative, and Multifunctional, the Garlic Twister is meant for the modern kitchen.

Tip: Gather into triangles to make it easy to remove and clean!

Watch the Instructional Video